The Battle for the West has begun!

The Greyhawk Wars have recently ended, the Pact of Greyhawk signed and a restless peace lies across the lands of the Flanneass.  Under them, however, is another story…

An alternative to the established World of Greyhawk Timeline to suit the needs of my players, reflecting the knowledge their characters would have of history in the Sheldomar Valley:


  • Red Death


  • Horned Society


  • Bone March invaded by humanoids, conquered in 563


  • The Battle of Emridy Meadows


  • Saltmarsh is threatened by Sahuagin


  • Prince of Furyondy kidnapped


  • Giant forces from the Crystalmists sweep south into Geoff, Sterich and the Yeomanry, conquering and laying waste to all three nations.
  • Refugees flood into Keoland and Gran March
  • Duke Owen I of Geoff flees to Shiboleth in Gran March and holds court in exile with the support of King Stokki of Keoland


  • The Hall of the Fire Giant King is raided by adventurers who are quickly cut down 
  • The Red Death returns to plague the Flanaess
  • Construction of four forts begins in Midwood Vale, closing the valley to invading giants forces. The Knights of the Watch from Gran March and northern Keoland move into Hochoch and enact martial law in Midwood Vale


  • Two distinct groups, the Red Griffons and the Freemen of Geoff are established in Midwood Vale; the Griffons attach themselves to the Knights of Dispatch while the Freemen are allied with the Knights of the Watch.


  • The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief is destroyed in a series of raids by mercenary adventurers and Knights of Dispatch. The Hill Giants are scattered and reported to serve even greater giants in Geoff and Sterich
  • The Yeomanry expels the giant invaders, who retreat into Sterich and further north to Geoff after suffering heavy losses




  • The northern barbarians invade Stonefist, beginning the Greyhawk Wars
  • Tenh, the Horned Society, the Shield Lands and the Bandit Kingdoms all fall to the armies of Iuz.
  • Celene withdraws from all contact with neighbouring nations.


  • Reports from Red Griffons inland and Knights of Dispatch speak of a strange marking on several giant tribes and their ogre, orc, hobgoblin and goblin forces. Humanoids bearing the mark as if enraged, mindlessly rushing into battle 


  • Furyondy 

585                     The year in which the Sheldomar Valley Campaign begins

  • Ket loses ground to Bissel forces strengthened by mercenary companies, Knights of the Watch and the magic of several Free Wizards under the guidance of Evard the Black
  • Unknown events cause the appearance of at least three Abyssal Demon Lords in the Underdark
  • In the svirfneblin city of Blingdenstone the Faceless Lord meets its eternal end at the hands of Ismal of Geoff, aided by Fluer de Battaile

A campaign set in Greyhawk's Sheldomar Valley, primarily northern Keoland, Geoff and southern Gran March.


The Sheldomar Valley